Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Second M6244

The pictures don't really do the color of this Tee justice.  It's really very silvery without actually being a metallic fabric.  Its a nice stretchy poly/lycra.  I have another piece in a pretty, dark purple.  I'm starting to think this will be my TNT Tee shirt pattern.  It's a really flattering fit around the shoulders and bust while skimming the lumps and bumps no one else really needs to see.  LOL. 

I'm planning to trace the pieces off again with a different hemline to make it more versatile.  And I'm investigating the possibility of fabric painting or stamping.  And the reason I'm checking out fabric painting/stamping is I've tried embroidery and this fabric is really tough to embroidery without tons of skipped stitches.  And frankly, I don't want to work that hard.  LOL. you've had a chance to look at the pictures, do you see anything different about the hemline compared to the raspberry Tee?  No?  Well...both the hem points are on the same side of the garment instead of opposite sides.  I had one pattern piece turned wrong side up.  Grrrr.  At least you know the pieces still work well when you do that.  LOL.  All the seams still matched; I didn't have to do anything other than sew it up.  I was grateful.  Again, I sewed the hem with my coverstitch machine.  I like how it turns out.  The only thing I sewed with my regular machine was the top-stitching around the neck band.  Otherwise I sewed the whole thing with my serger and coverstitch.  Pretty cool, eh? 

My next project will be an heirloom tank/chemise that can be worn under an overshirt.  I've just finished collecting all the lace, entredeaux, and the fabric has been laundered and pressed.


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