Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Vogue Patterns

Last week Vogue introduced new patterns and a couple of them appealed to me.  The first is a Katherine Tilton T that I just love.

 I have several fabrics already in my stash but I think I need one more to tie them all together.  I love the idea of using zippers around the collar.  At first I was hesitant because I thought they used metal zippers but reading the pattern shows plastic separating zippers.  I could see those zippers catching on everything - including the delicate skin around your neck.  LOL.   So I just need to pick up a couple of zippers, one more knit and I should be good to go.  The fabrics I purchased last fall intending to make a layered T but I held off.  None of the patterns I had inspired me.  With the introduction of the pattern above, my mojo has really taken off.  LOL.

I love the lines of this jacket!  I reminds me of a jacket I saw from Roland Mouret's Spring 2012 Collection.

The technical drawing shows much more detail.  

Sorry the picture is so small, I couldn't find a larger one.  But isn't this a really gorgeous jacket?  And I love the shoulder hippy chicks need to balance it out.  LOL.  

And no...I DO NOT WATCH football.


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