Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Burda Jeans Done!!!

The jeans are complete!  I'm pretty surprised at well they fit me right out of the box so to speak.  Remember I cut a size 20, but I think I could have gotten away with an 18 or possibly a 16.  I think I'll keep the sizing as is and adjust for each fabric type.  I would need the extra room in the hips for fabric with less stretch.   I had to nip out 1.5" at the waist.  They turned out pretty nice except for a few mistakes I made.  This is the first "real" pair of pants I've made in over 20 years.  This pattern doesn't include a fly shield; I'll put one in on the next pair.  I didn't make my waistband long enough so I had to add an extension so I could attach the button.  I didn't use the back pockets on this pair.  I was really trying for the look of a pair of "Not Your Daughters Jeans" that I really love and they've come really close.  I got a package of jeans buttons from JoAnn's and when I installed it, the screw bent and went in at an angle.  Its functional and no one is really going to see it so no big deal.  LOL.  I'll have to work on my hammering technique.  

Oh...I must mention, I used Debbie Cook's waistband tutorial.  And on the next pair of jeans, I'll use her fly installation tutorial.  If you're not familiar with Debbie's blog its  Debbie has lots of very helpful tutorials not only on garment construction but also on serger and coverstitch techniques.  Check it out if you get a chance.  Debbie's blog is one of the very first I started following when I discovered Blogland.  LOL.

And here I am in my new jeans.  I'm going to wear them all day today and see if they pass the wear test.  If they get too baggy, I'll know to take in the next pair a bit more.   The sun was in my eyes, hence the squinting, and its windy and chilly.  I was telling Alan to hurry the heck up.  LOL.

More Later!

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