Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A bit more progress...

As I mentioned in my last post, I only had the collar to perform the thread replacement on.  Well now its done, so all the fun bits are complete.  LOL.  And I'm really having a hard time taking pictures of this shirt.  The red replaced silk thread is very subtle and black just doesn't show any detail. So please bear with me and remember you can click on the picture for a slightly larger look.  Here is a picture of the constructed collar.  I'm about to attach it to the collar stand.

I have lightened the pictures to try to show some details.  I draped it on my ham to try to catch the light just right on the silk threads.

Now here is a closeup shot of the pull-thread front band now attached to the left front.

Like I said, sorry its such a crappy picture.  But below is a different shot of the front.

I don't have it pressed yet.  LOL.  Things are looking up now and we are down to the wire on finishing.  I have to teach most of the day at Cloth Merchants tomorrow, but I should be able to finish the blouse on Sunday.  I can't finish it on Saturday because I'm taking a Sashiko machine class and its all day.  I'm rather excited about it.   My friend Carol has a Sashiko machine already and has said I can borrow it at any time.  So I'll take the class to see if I like using it.

If the weather and hubby cooperate, I'll even get pictures of me wearing the blouse.  LOL. 

More later...

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