Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Leopard Jean Jacket - Back

Well, as usual, the back went together very nicely.  Its so funny, I still remember my high school Home Ec teacher saying "sew a seam, press a seam".  LOL   So...after sewing the 2 back seams, pressing both sides of the seams, serging the edges, I use my two favorite presser feet to do the top-stitching on the seams.  I use the edge join foot to edge stitch using the width setting of 2.0mm and the length at 3.0mm.  Then I swap out the edge join foot for the 1/4" foot with guide and sew the top-stitch.  Here's a picture with the 1/4" foot attached to the machine.

Pictured here are my favorite feet to use: left is the 1/4" foot with guide and on the right is the edge join foot.  You get really nice, even top-stitching for seams.

Here's a picture of the back all assembled.  Sorry the picture is so dark.  There's just not enough light in my sewing for really good pictures. Remember you can click on the picture to enlarge it.  The pattern of the fabric is really pretty when you can see it clearer.

I just LOVE this fabric.  LOL

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