Thursday, January 3, 2013

Butterick jacket progress

As you can see from the first photo, I have underlined the fabric.  Don't look at my "oh so lovely" hand stitches.  LOL. 
I purchased the underlining, I think it's called Whisper Weft, from Helen Enox in OKC.  Making this jacket has exhausted my supply, so I'll be making a trip for more supplies soon.  The fashion fabric is a wool/cashmere blend I purchased from The Cloth Merchants several years ago and has finally made it to my cutting table. 

Here the welt has been basted in place ready for the pockets to be placed on top. 

These pictures aren't very good since I took them with my iPad, but it takes better low light pictures than my Nikon D70s.  Pffffft!  The color is also a bit faded; its really a nice tweedy eggplant color.

But you can see one front put together.  I like how its going so far.  I've applied liberal use of steam and my clapper to get those seams to lie flat. 

To date, I have both fronts completed and the center back seam sewn on the back.  The next step is going to be catch stitching the seam allowances down to the underlining. 

This really should speed up now since the hardest part (the fronts) is done. 

Also I have big news!  I've know for awhile but didn't say anything since I wasn't sure I would get my updated passport back in time.  Don't believe it when they say it takes 6 months; it took them 2 weeks for my new passport.  Cool, eh?  Alan and I are flying to the UK later this month.  For Alan it will be mostly work with a little play, but for Belinda it will be all play!  LOL.  At first we thought we would be flying into London, but it looks like we'll arrive at Manchester and drive to a smaller town where HP's UK headquarters is located.  I'll be exploring all over the place with day trips to London to see the sights and scope out a few fabric shops.  And I've already been warned not to wear tennis shoes!!!  LOL!



  1. Looks Great! Cant wait to see teh finished product!

  2. Start making a list of all those lovely UK fabric/button/habby shops so that you can have a peek at them all whilst over there (and take an empty suitcase to fill up!!!) I am soooo jealous of your how the top is coming along...J

  3. Why not tennis shoes? Very curious ....

  4. trip to UK how lovely. I don't know Manchester's shopping delights, but should your travels take you towards Birmingham then I do know they have a healthy fabric district.

    Have lots of fun

  5. Luck.E.You! You'll have the time of your life!

  6. Oh, how much fun for you! Lucky you!

    Are you you by any chance taking Louise Cutting's class at Cloth Merchant' s in February? I'm taking it and was hoping you might be taking it, too. I follow your blog and was hoping we might get a chance to meet while my friend, Joy, and I are there.