Monday, July 16, 2012

Shapes 9 Lives Vest

I have to say is these patterns are seriously large and seriously short.  LOL.  I cut a size 2 after tissue fitting on Ruby.  I didn't think the hips would be big enough using the size 1.  I am glad I cut the 2 because I think it would have been tight in the shoulders.  But, having said that, I will be folding out at least 2 inches in the back piece.  Also the picture here shows it to be longer than it actually is.  The short side sits at the waist and the longer sits at the high hip.  To make this work for me, I had to add 5 inches! 

Here I am, again, squinting into the sunlight.  You can see I could have even added a couple more inches and it wouldn't have been a problem.  The fabric I picked up earlier this spring at JoAnn's; it's a dotted swiss print and very light and airy.  I'm wearing it open over a sleeveless loose-ish shell (which you can hardly see) I made from Butterick 5364. 

I may do a FBA on this top/vest the next time around.  I really like it and it was very easy to sew. 

Here's a little of the back view.  Think I need modeling lessons?


Over all, I'm pleased with it and I'll be making it again.


  1. The CLD patterns, including Shapes, have interesting lines, but they are BIG! I know they are supposed to be big, but some of them are way oversized. You have that pattern under control. Looks great!

    1. Thanks Gwen! They definitely have some serious vanity sizing going on. LOL

  2. I know what you mean about the modelling ----lol---- however the top looks really nice