Saturday, July 14, 2012

Random Musings...

It's been so hot here with no rain.  My grass is going dormant.  Temps have been ranging from upper 90's to 100's.  Ugh.  I have to get up earlier (I'm not a morning person) to ride my bike and I'm still dripping by the time I've finished my 15 miles.

We're having ribs cooked in the smoker tomorrow.

I purchased 4 patterns from Stylearc (Australian independent pattern company) and the shipping cost almost as much as the patterns.  I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.  At least I'll get a free pattern thrown in.

I need to get it in gear and get my 18" doll bed completed by our August Heirloom Guild meeting.  I'm not feeling it.  I did get the project bag down at least.  And the bed painted.

I want to make Tee shirts.

I'm supposed to do a "slice 'n dice" on a favorite pattern and show my results for our OK in Stitches group.

I'll color block a Tee shirt.

Made a batch of marinara sauce to freeze from tomatoes in the garden.  I'll have to make another batch tomorrow.  Yum.  I've got tomatoes coming out of my ears.

Found a good recipe for Banana Bread Pudding with Rum sauce.  You add rum to taste. Another Yum.

I really need to re-organize my fabric stash.  I find I'm pawing through it trying to find things I know I have.

Maybe after I make the Tee shirt.

Sawyer Brook emailed saying the fabric I ordered was sold out before they got to my order.  Grrrrrr.

That's all I got.


  1. Well we have the polar opposite to you wet and cold for the time of the year.........

    hope you enjoy using your new patterns.

    1. Please send some of it our way. LOL.

  2. "Dripping" after 15 miles on a bike? Are you kidding? I would be dead! Congratulations on exercising like that, and especially in the heat!

    1. Thanks Gwen. I like to cook and I like to eat so bike riding is self defense. LOL I would be as big as a house if I didn't.

  3. 15 miles.....impressive! I have to say I am nostalgic reading your post, for the days of my youth when we had tomatoes from my grandfather's garden coming out our ears. One year as I was headed back to college, he packed a shoebox full of green tomatoes for me to take back. I even love the smell of the vine. Tomatoes are challenging to grow in Florida.

    I hope you enjoy the style are patterns. I really like them.

    1. Thanks! I came from Central Florida, Titusville to be exact and its where I learned to grow them. Right now I'm growing a variety that I used 20 years ago in my Florida garden called San Marino. Huge fruits! We grow our plants instead of purchasing them.

      I can't wait for the Stylearc patterns to arrive. LOL

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