Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Guild work

Along with the little AG bed I've made, I'm also donating a little outfit to the guild effort at funding education.  It's a really sweet set of patterns from a new ( to me) pattern company I've found called Liberty Jane.  They produce modern American Girl clothes patterns.  I purchased a few and made up this little outfit from some jean scraps I had leftover from making last years embroidered vest.

First came the little skirt with the lace peeking out.   I only had to purchase lace for this one.  It was very easy to make up.  The Liberty Jane patterns are very well thought out and are illustrated with lots of pictures of every step.  Since I'm an experienced sewist, they were very easy for me.  I think a beginning sewist would have no problems.  They actually seemed to be geared towards the beginning sewist too.
This little tee turned out so cute!  I had to change it up just a bit though.  I regularly go thrifting around town and look for baby/toddler clothes that I think I can re-fashion into doll clothes for the guild.  This was a toddler tee shirt.  I removed the neckband then cut out my pattern.  Then re-applied the neck band.  It's in perfect scale for the tee!  When I had the tee all made up, I applied a small crystal iron-on design.  Oh and I used my coverstitch to do the hem.

And last but not least was the matching vest.  Now the pattern company wants you to line it, but I didn't.  I used my serger to put it together.  Also a hammer comes in quite handy to pound those thick seams into submission.  LOL.  Also good for the frustration factor.

I'm really happy with how it turned out.