Friday, May 20, 2011

Another one...

I know, I know, I'm really boring as a blogging goes by making yet another summer blouse.  LOL.  I'm on a roll!!!!  But I really need some new things for summer.  I did a really brave thing, for me, by donating everything in my closet that I don't wear to Prevent Blindness this past week.  I really cleaned out my closet.  It wound up being 2 large black garbage bags full.  Hence the need for new summer clothes. 

I did make a pair of capri's using an old Simplicity OOP pattern, 8740, for woven fabrics.  I made it from some black denim with 1% Lycra.  Because of the Lycra, I cut XS size.  That's fun to say.  LOL.  I'm not extra small anything.  I had to add 1 inch to the upper back seam since I have more booty than pattern companies design for.  Other than that, they were very easy with an elastic waistline.  I did change the elastic installation though; I zigzagged the elastic to the waistline edge and turned it under to stitch down instead of making the typical casing.  Too much bulk for me.  I do plan on making several more pairs of these. 

Okay. Back to the current project underway.  I'm using my TNT Simplicity 2339 this time adding a cap sleeve and embroidery on the outside.  There's a switch!  LOL.  I have most everything cut out and am testing embroidery thread colors and designs out on scraps of fabric.  

Here's my fabric for this blouse.  The aqua/purple gingham is from Sawyer Brook and the pretty paisley is from our local quilt shop The Quilt Sampler.

More later with some pictures of the process I go through to actually pick my embroidery designs & colors.


  1. I really like your fabric combination Belinda. I would be interested in how you adapted the sleeves to be a cap sleeve.
    I finished my blouse yesterday and I love it! I look forward in making a few more for summer. Next will be the linen and I'll let you know how that goes :)

  2. Well I haven't done it yet. Tee hee. But I'll be getting to it today. Actually I think I'm just going to "borrow" a cap sleeve from another pattern and "walk" it around the sleeve opening to see how well it matches.