Saturday, June 15, 2013

Not only Done, but done, done. LOL

I really like this tunic.  I'm not much for them but I do love this one.  It's really comfortable and cool.  I wore to my OK in Stitches group and got the nod of approval.  LOL.  Most of them said they would not have made it just from the patterns photos.  And they've now changed their minds from seeing my version. 

As you can see, I did a little embroidery with some candlewicking designs I had laying around.  They're very light, airy and don't change the hand of the fabric.

I did make a couple of minor changes.  I put in a shirt-tail hem and took a couple inches of length off the bottom.  I narrowed or straightened out the sleeve.  Bell sleeves and I don't get along.  LOL.

The only thing I want to mention is the collar.  There are two; one lies flat and the other is a stand up collar.  I choose the one to lie flat.  Well it tries.  My collar lies flat all the way around until you get to the center front.  Then it pooches out.  I tried everything I could think of at the time.  The only way to really correct it is to change the shape of the collar.  And frankly, I had the lining already in place.  NOT going to happen.  LOL.

Other than the collar, it's pretty straight forward to sew.  I probably won't make another though, since it's pretty distinct.



  1. Love the look of the embroidery - this gives the front a lovely lift! As does the pop of yellow - very fresh and wearable...J

  2. That's a very nice tunic. I love them, but I think it's a look one has to get used to wearing. We tend to make clothes that are closer to the body, but in your warm climate, something not so clingy seems more appropriate. Nice sewing!

    1. Hi Gwen and thank you! Yes here it's in the upper 90's and 100's so I tend to looser clothing. It's much cooler that way.

  3. Oh Yes. Do like this blouse.