Saturday, March 2, 2013

Out of the Ashes...

Don't you love that title.  Well I do.  LOL

So if you remember, I've already had my first dud of the year.  I decided to save the fabric and use it on another pattern I've had for some time just waiting for the right fabric to come along.  I'm using an old Marcy Tilton tee pattern Vogue 8497.  I've been wanting to color block this tee and finally had a fabric combination I really liked.  The black is a nice ponte knit from Sawyer Brook.  Actually I've had this tee done for over 2 weeks but didn't blog on it because some of my students read my blog and I wanted it to be a surprise.  Yes, you know who you are!  LOL.

Warning:  This particular post is quite picture heavy!

My first issue was, of course, the length.  I had to add 3 inches and the easiest way was to do it was just add it on the bottom following the pattern of the zig zags. 

You need to make the pieces match up.

I have the pieces cut out and glue sticked together, pressed the glue with an iron, and finally pinned for added insurance.

I turned the piece over and added strips of very thin tissue paper to support the stitches I was preparing to add.

Here I've dropped the feed dogs on my machine and just did a bit of free-motion sewing/quilting whatever you want to call it all along the zig-zag.  It was fun!

All 4 pieces of the front and back are put together here.  And looking pretty good.  This pattern runs true to the sizing I've come to expect.  I choose my normal 16 down to the bust out to a 20 at the hips.

I've got the neckline done here.  Its a raw edge application, but in my case, I've folded the neck band in half because I didn't like how wide the strip was.  Very easy and a nice look.

This side view shows the longer length of the back.

Close-up of the neckline.  I really like the Tee and I'll probably make view B next. 



  1. Love your added free motion stitching!

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  3. Looks GQQD...your free motion stitching is AWESOME...I have this pattern and never used it...I am ENCOURAGED :)

  4. Loving the look of that top - and the stiching is great. Very nice.

  5. Thank you ladies; it was so much fun to do with so little effort on my part. Try this pattern; its easy and fun!

  6. Creativity blooms in the face of disaster! Your top is T-riffic!

  7. this is a great look T - love the colour-blocking and your inventive way of enhancing that further.

  8. This is a super version of that ziggy zaggy pattern. Love the free-motion "fringe".

  9. LOVE that!!! I've got to do that sometime... Of course my daughters will just take the shirt but I'll insist on wearing it first.

  10. HEY! I do the ASG (American Sewing GUild) newsletter for my chapter. Can I feature this post in the next issue?

  11. Sorry I'm replying so late McVal, but if it's not too late, go right ahead and use it.