Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First dud of the new year

I suppose they all can't be the great garments we envision when we purchase a pattern, so I now have my first dud of the new year out of the way.  LOL.  The top fits me just fine but there are two real problems.  First and to me the most serious is with the structure of the shoulder and collar.  If you take a look at the line drawings of the top, it has a forward shoulder - by 2.5 inches.  That combined with the partial collar makes it hang back on your neck.  The few minutes I had it on, I was constantly pulling it forward.  Gah!  The second issue is the depth of the cowl is too low.  If the shoulder/collar thing had not been an issue, I would have lived with this version and used a decorative pin or something to take care of the low cowl.  But as it stands, for me, this is not a viable top.  It's too bad really, its an easy sew.  I did finish it and I like the way it looks just not the way it feels.  LOL.

Here are the pics:

It looks nice doesn't it?  It's just too bad its not very wearable.  I still have over a yard of this left so I'll probably use this top to make another.  Oh well I'm going to check out what I'd like to make next. 

As superman would say "Up, up and away!"  LOL.


  1. What I am seeing in the pictures is the hemline is not even. The front is lower than the back. It must be related to the back drape at the neck and you have it on the form the way you would want to have it sit on your body.

    If you were able to wear it sitting back on your shoulders, would the cowl still be too low? Never mind, it's a learning experience..... (ie Wadder)

  2. Hi Lynn, The top naturally wants to sit back on my shoulders. And even sitting back the cowl is way to low. Your right; it's a learning experience. LOL

  3. We all have those garments that just don't make it into our wardrobe. I get mine out of the house. Out of sight, out of mind. Never happened!

  4. It is a great looking pattern and your fabric is really pretty. What the pattern designers did is eliminate the shoulder seam, extended the back over the shoulder and put a seam where a front yoke might be. From your side view picture, it appears the sleeves were sewn in using the yoke line as the shoulder point (top of shoulder). If it were my top I would try to save it. I would pull out the back pattern piece and look for the big dot that indicates the shoulder point. I suspect the dot will be about 1 to 1.5 inches towards the back from the front yoke seam. That is where the top of the sleeve should match, not the yoke seam. Sleeves sewn it with the top rotated towards the front of the garment would definitely cause the top to constantly creep to the back as the sleeves are trying to position themselves on the shoulder correctly. I don't have the pattern so I may be off base and the pattern is just poorly designed.

  5. I have the same knit, probably bought at the same Hancocks....loved it when I saw it, and still trying to figure out what I'm going to sew.