Thursday, November 1, 2012

My service project for the year

Each year our guild (Tulsa Smocking & Heirloom Sewing) performs a service for the community.  We make fetal demise gowns for the unfortunate children who don't make it to term.  Each member makes 2 tiny bonnets and 2 gowns (one set for the baby's burial & the other is presented to the parents) which are then donated to an area hospital.

Here's a couple pictures of my completed gowns & bonnets:

Last year my gowns were white; this year I thought blue would be nice.


PS.  Our groups trip to NYC was postponed.  Oh well, I'd rather go in the spring anyway.


  1. Oh!!! What a nice project! A couple ladies from my sewing group do that exact same thing.
    For our last community project, we did pillowcase dresses for Dress a Girl Around The World.

    1. They are great projects to do and help people at the same time. Gotta love that.

  2. Those are beautiful and I'm sure so appreciated by grieving parents.

  3. Belinda, I make these gowns for the Mid-South Threads of Love chapter. Each family gets a gown, bonnet, & a crocheted blanket with a prayer. I would like a neater way to finish the neckline and sleeves. Right now,I make a casing and have a white ribbon going thru the neckline. I add trim to the sleeves, neckline and hem area. I do white on white embroidery designs on most of the gowns that I make. My sewing is on the serger. How do you do finish the neckline, sleeves and hem? I like your embroidery design. Do you mind sharing which site it came from? I know the grieving parents will love these.