Friday, October 5, 2012


You know...I'm supposed to be on a fabric diet.  That doesn't seem to be working out for me.  LOL.  I just got these yummy fabrics in from Sawyer Brook.  They have a fabric swatch club you pay to receive.  But I purchase so much from them, I get the swatches for free.  It's called the subscribers exclusive.  Here is a picture of my latest goodies from them.
The yummy red Italian boucle on the right has ribbon as part of the weave.  I'm going to make a jacket of some sort with it.  The print on the left is called "firework" and is rayon.  The hand of this rayon is fabulous!  It is going to be another Liberty shirt.  The black and tan fabrics are twill's with a touch of Lycra and will become matching pants. Sawyer Brook still has some of each left the last time I looked.

I've been retired for almost 17 years (at age 39), and had (and still do) have a hard time not choosing clothes and fabrics that would be perfect for work environment and not a more relaxed home environment.  So, I've decided that since I like nice clothing but have nowhere to wear anything "nice", I will try to dress just a bit nicer for home.  I can't see myself wearing anything other than jeans (or jeans styled) at home since they are so comfortable for me but I can add a little pop to them by choosing colors and patterns that are different than the typical denim.  That's also very "IN" this season too.  LOL.  For once I'm actually in tune with a style.  And I'll substitute my typical hand me down denim shirts from Alan for shirts that actually fit me like the Liberty and nicer Tee styles. 

My question is "do those of you who are retired still have trouble changing your outlook when choosing fabrics or clothes for a more relaxed style?"

That's all I have for today!


  1. I like both those fabrics and can see a sort of Chanel type jacket out of it which you could make more on the cardigan style so it could work with jeans too. The contrasting fabric works so well with the red too - nice mix.

    Sadly I am not retired yet (and can't wait) however there are some days when I go to my main office, or when I visit my boss in The Hague where the dress is much more casual than our central London Office. I sometimes feel that I don't need to be so formal, want to be casual, but still smart, which I guess is sort of where you are but in a home environment - still no issue in dressing nice to be at home - at least you won't shock the postman in your PJ's like I sometimes do lol

  2. I think the problem (at least for me) is that "at home" clothes aren't as fun to make as complicated, fancier garments. I'm "t-shirt and jeans" at home, and don't have many places to wear more elegant clothes. Oh, I just saw your photo in Vogue magazine. Congratulations! What an honor!

  3. Lovely fabrics, especially the red boucle. I recently looked at the new fabrics at SB and successfully resisted them. I have 3 years til I can retire and have so much fabric for work type clothes that I will never make it up in that time frame.