Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm a Baaaaad Blogger

Oh dear...things have just been very busy here.  For the last 3-4 weeks Alan and I have been dealing with a sad family event which happened out of the country.  Alan is now out of state dealing with it.  Hence, not much blogging.  But...there has been some sewing. 

First I attended a  Linda Lee (Sewing Workshop) Liberty Shirt event at The Cloth Merchants.  Loved it; but I felt like the village idiot because I was so slow to get my mind wrapped around doing something backwards.  LOL.  As a consequence, I didn't get much done in class as I would have liked.  For my Liberty shirt, I chose a black chambray linen (for the body of the shirt) and used a lovely Italian cotton print for the flat piping.  This time I chose to bring all of the hems and facings to the front to highlight the lovely cotton piping.  And in doing so, had to hand baste all that lovely piping in place.  LOL.  Here are the results of my efforts.

 I know it can hardly be been, but I did an FBA on the fronts and it hangs much better for me now.  Strangely enough, I didn't have to lengthen this pattern.  It's length is fine.  Weird, eh?

Oh, sorry about the darkness of the pictures.  It's cloudy and I have lightened them. 

I love how my Liberty turned out.  I can wear it either as a light jacket or as a shirt.  I think I'll make a shell to wear under it for the versatility.  I have a nice pair of slim black pants I made (not blogged about) that will go nicely with it. 

My sister, Deb, came to visit last Wednesday and left this morning.  We had a sewing weekend for her.  She's a beginning sewist and still needs a bit of help here and there with her own sewing.  So we made 5 pairs of pants for her!  We used up all the fabric she brought with her.  LOL.  Talk about stash busting! 

And while she was here, I altered a Burda vest pattern to fit her and I'm making it up for her this week.  The striped linen I'm making it from will go with at least 3 of the pants we made.  I'll ship it off in the mail along with the pattern when I'm done.

The weather is finally turning cooler here and we got an inch of rain over the span of a few days.  Good sewing weather.  LOL.



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  2. Sorry to hear you had some sad family news/events :(
    I am glad you are getting some sewing therapy in despite the news... it really is therapy for us.
    Your Liberty turned out beautiful and can't wait to see it in person.
    See you Wed.

  3. It wonderful. I like how the piping complements the design and color of the shirt.

  4. That turned out great. The piping really sets it off. Nice sewing!

  5. I love chambray fabrics. I really like the combination of this one with the colorful piping. I'll bet you will wear this shirt/jacket often.

  6. Belinda...what a lovely shirt! I really like all the design details you used.

  7. Thank you everyone. Even though I had trouble at first, I did really enjoy making it. I can see several more in my future. LOL

  8. I'm sorry about your family loss!

    Great to find you tho! A lot of women from my sewing groups have done this jacket, but I haven't purchased the pattern yet. Love your detail work.